Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset once said,
"Tell me the landscape in which you live, and I will tell you who you are."




Lynn Wigginton's Art

Thematically, my work reflects my fascination with the complex interconnections we have with both our natural and our created landscape.


I am motivated by a strong 'sense of place'; of feeling at home in the province where I live. My work reflects my fascination with the complex interconnections we have with our landscape whether natural or created. I am fascinated by skies, forests, water and fields but also by doors, windows, finials, and structures built of wood, brick and stone.

Like many other Atlantic Canadian artists, I have chosen to work in 'the realist tradition'. While many may see this as a constraint, I have been able to push and pull the boundaries of this style to suit my personal vision. As a student, my focus was on print-making and today my paintings still possess a linear quality reminiscent of a print maker. I build colour in layers to achieve subtleties of tone and temperature which add depth and luminosity to my work. I am always trying to uncover and highlight the magical interplay between light, shadow, texture, depth and colour. The addition of oil paint to the acrylic base of my paintings enhances their spatial complexities.

I  feel that it is important for an artist to create works that engage the viewer in a shared and meaningful visual experience.  While I paint a particular object, landscape, street scene or architectural detail, I hope that those who see the painting will share my affinity and appreciation for all of our rich natural and 'built' heritage.

Throughout my thirty-year career as a visual artist I have been keenly aware of a strong sense of place and belonging, both to my native city of Saint John, New Brunswick and to Newfoundland where I lived for a time. When I paint, I am motivated by this sense of being connected and with the strong belief that we must constantly look at the world around us with new eyes and fresh perspectives. I want people to see something I have painted and say, "Oh, Wow ! I never really saw it that way before."

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