"Wigginton begins each work with a detailed drawing, then underpaints the picture in a variety of tonal gradations. Gradually she adds more and more colour, layering the paintings so that they have great depth and glow with a luminous gem-like quality. Constantly analyzing scenes and seeing paintings everywhere, she can often be seen stopped by the side of the road to record the physical reality of what is in front of her."
- Sandra Rhodda, McCain Gallery



'Sky Over Saint's Rest Beach'


I find the landscape of Atlantic Canada especially compelling. My landscape paintings not only respond to the unique beauty inherent in this place but attempt to reflect and highlight our historical and traditional interconnections with it. I want my paintings to have a particular significance and relevance for the people who live here. I also want those from 'away' to see and take notice of this place.


The Atlantic region is a rugged land of rocks, fields, forests, rivers, lakes and marshes, as well as big and dramatic skies and swirling tides and dangerous currents. It is also where people have a strong sense of both community and continuity. That is what I find so appealing.


I never get tired of the blue sky.

~Vincent van Gogh

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