Restigouche Series
I recently completed a project that involved the creation of six woodblocks and then printing limited editions of each.

A few years ago while on a canoe trip along the Restigouche River, I was amazed and inspired by the rugged unspoiled beauty of the area.
The old-growth forests and cold clear water I saw are the last remaining remnants of those that shaped and molded both our history and our consciousness of who we are.
Realizing this, I decided to do a series of woodblocks focusing on the forests and rivers of this province which had so influenced us and to which we have such a strong connection.
Each of the six pine woodblocks required at least 30 hours of work to carve out the details. This was followed by many more hours spent actually printing them.
This series of woodblock prints was done over the past few years as a project funded by a Creation Grant from ArtsNB.
I also used the press and printmaking studio at the Saint John Arts Centre and I am indebted to the staff for their advice and assistance.


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