The completion of a series of twelve large ( 40 x 60 inch ) panoramic paintings that accompanied the CURA Research Project Exhibition
“Saint John: An Industrial City in Transition”
at the New Brunswick Museum, was a high point for me as an artist.

Collaborating with researchers from UNBSJ and the New Brunswick Museum, to document and interpret their findings through my paintings, challenged me to experiment, innovate and grow artistically. Working consistently on a larger scale than I had ever attempted before, I carefully selected view-points that showed the city from  unique perspectives, yet featured recognizable landmarks. I wanted people to see Saint John with new eyes and a heightened appreciation.

"The paintings offer a unique, unified view of the forces that shape the city, from its architecture, roads and industry to its pervasive wilderness and natural framework of water, sky and rock."
Kate Wallace, Telegraph Journal, Salon, February 2009

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