Recent Work

Time and Place

As an artist I have chosen to explore the “sense of place” embodied in both the landscape and the built heritage of Atlantic Canada. My paintings are not imaginary or metaphoric but are rather literal studies that attempt to capture the powerful and resonant reality of my East Coast experience. While often drawing on elements from the past, my paintings are accurate portrayals of a particular moment in time. By capturing this seemingly immutable present, my paintings also hint at the uncertain consequences brought on by the changes that inevitably happen to a place over time. The unspoken question they raise is: What will this place be like in ten, fifteen, fifty, or a hundred years?

Here is a comment from someone who recently purchased a painting:

"Just want to tell you how much pleasure I am getting from your painting (seashore). It hangs at the foot of our bed and I dream I am on the beach. It changes with the lighting in the room. Sometimes it seems like the beach in the moonlight (The bank of clouds gives off an iridescent light). In other light, it looks like storm coming and at other times just a time for relaxing on the sand. I so love having an original."

"What do I ask of a painting ? I ask it to
- Lucien Freud


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